I'm April McCoy. I am based in the Kansas City area but would love to travel anywhere you'd like for me and my camera to go! I have been shooting professionally since 2011, but informally most of my life. Literally. I bonded with my grandmother as a child of about the age 5 through our love of photography and picking up rolls of film to compile into albums. She would hand me her point and shoot and turn me loose! This quickly became my favorite pastime. I am  a mom, wife, food-enthusiast, craft beer and wine connoisseur and last but not least, a rollercoaster junkie. 

My interest in photography started at an early age and has evolved into a passion. After having my first child, I really began to focus on turning a hobby into a professional skill. My children have played a huge role in teaching me patience and how to interact with small children during photo shoots and I feel that with a little patience, I can establish a connection and truly bring out the personality of my young subjects. 

I love the challenge of creating unique images that complement the vision of my bride and groom on their wedding day. I will always shoot an engagement session prior to the wedding day so that we can get to know each other and you'll learn the difference between when I am mumbling photographic nonsense to myself and when I am actually talking to you. You'll learn my hand cues and that when I say "one more" I mean three and I shoot on "2" and not "3"... It is the little things like this that will make working together on the biggest day of your life flow seamlessly.